What Comes Up Alot

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I recently spoke to a group at which almost all of the families had concerns with spitting up and reflux. The American Academy of Pediatrics has an article on spitting up and offers some good tips.

Spitting up is a common occurrence during infancy. Sometimes spitting up means that a baby has eaten more than his or her stomach can hold; sometimes he or she spits up while burping or drooling. Although it may be a bit messy, it’s usually no cause for concern.

Spitting Up vs. Vomiting

There is a difference between normal spitting up and true vomiting. Unlike spitting up, which most babies don’t even seem to notice, vomiting is forceful and usually causes great distress and discomfort for a baby. If a baby vomits on a regular basis (one or more times a day) or if a parent notices blood or a bright green color in your baby’s vomit, families should consult their pediatrician.

Curtailing The Matter

While it is practically impossible to prevent all spitting up, the following steps will help decrease the frequency of these episodes and the amount spit up.

  1. Make each feeding calm, quiet, and leisurely.
  2. Avoid interruptions, sudden noises, bright lights, and other distractions during feedings.
  3. Burp your bottle-fed baby at least every three to five minutes during feedings.
  4. Avoid feeding while your infant is lying down.
  5. Hold the baby in an upright position for 20 to 30 minutes after each feeding.
  6. Do not jostle or play vigorously with the baby immediately after feeding.
  7. Try to feed her before she gets frantically hungry.
  8. If bottle-feeding, make sure the hole in the nipple is neither too big (which lets the formula flow too fast) nor too small (which frustrates your baby and causes her to gulp air). If the hole is the proper size, a few drops should come out when you invert the bottle, and then stop.
  9. Elevate the head of the entire crib with blocks (don’t use a pillow) and put her to sleep on her back.

– Lori Polakowski

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