The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Jeff Norber

Volunteer Jeff Norber

It’s Sunday morning in the Norber household, and dad Jeff is carrying on with a family tradition.  He’s making chocolate chip pancakes for his boys. Jeff’s sons, ages 6 and 3, are giving Dad a hand. This has been the scene in the Norber house since their firstborn was 6 months old. It’s family time, and a tradition that the boys will remember long after they are little. Maybe they’ll even continue it with their own children.

Jeff Norber is a Beaumont Parenting Program (BPP) volunteer. Jeff decided to volunteer for the program after being a participant with his wife Jennifer when their first child was a baby. Lessons Jeff and Jennifer learned in their Parenting Group were, quite literally, life saving.

We may not have been able to get through a choking incident with our son when he was 1 year old without the knowledge we received through the Parenting Program. We took CPR with our group and were able to put what we learned into practice when Jacob was choking on a piece of food. Without this knowledge, we may not have 2 sons! The Parenting Program has had a huge impact on our lives!

Their experience with the BPP as new parents was so positive, Jeff decided to give back. He is Chair of the Parenting Program Advisory Board, Parenting Program Social Media Board, and a Focus On Fathers Group Speaker. He has also served the program as a Group Leader. He has been a volunteer with the BPP for five years.

Jeff, known since he was a kid as “Byoo-Tay” (so nick-named for a beauty mark he had on his neck), is a Personal Banker, Real Estate Investor and Community Health Educator for Beaumont. He enjoys reading, watching movies, watching hockey, playing poker and going to watch his favorite band, 311, play live. His favorite book is Success with a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill. In addition to chocolate chip pancakes, time with his family includes an annual amusement park visit with Jennifer, the boys, Jeff’s dad and brother. Family time also includes playing with the boys.  When asked what their favorite thing about their dad was, his six-year-old said: “I love to take bike rides with Dad because it means I get to spend time with him,” and his three-year-old responded: “I like to have fun and play with Dad.”

Jeff, a veteran BPP volunteer, has some good advice to offer new parents. He recommends working on their communication with each other, no matter how difficult it may seem at the time. When asked what his experience as a BPP volunteer has taught him, Jeff responds:

I’ve learned that I have a passion for helping people and for parenting that I never thought would be the case before my kids were born.”

We at the Beaumont Parenting Program are grateful for Jeff’s passion, as are all of the families he has served over the past five years.  Now, Jeff, when do we all get to come over for pancakes?

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