The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Gail Kearney

The Beaumont Parenting Program (BPP) has touched the lives of countless parents and their new babies. Sometimes, the influence of a caring moment, or a kind word can ripple past that tiny new family and brush the lives of others as well. And when those others feel the love embodied in that wave of compassion, a very special bond is formed. The bond between a grandparent and the families she can touch with a caring moment, and a kind word.

I’d like to introduce you to Gail Kearney. Five years ago, Gail’s granddaughter was born prematurely at Beaumont Hospital and had to spend time in the NICU. Because her granddaughter Lily was spending time in the NICU, Gail was spending time there as well. The compassionate care that baby Lily and her family received in the NICU from the staff and BPP volunteers inspired her grandmother to join that wave of caring. “I was so impressed and grateful for the level of care and concern she received that I wanted to help other parents/grandparents in some way,” says Gail.  And so, beginning in March of this year, she became a NICU visitor herself.

Gail Kearney

At age 62, Gail has earned some time to herself.  She has raised two children: Kristine, age 37 and David, age 34.  She was a stay at home mom until Kristine and David were teenagers, at which time she reentered the workforce. She recently retired after spending 20 years as the administrator in her husband’s practice. She has been married to Dr. David Kearney for 40 years this month (Happy Anniversary, Gail and David!). And now that she has time to herself, she is giving some of that time to the BPP.

Gail is also spending her retirement playing with her family. Her granddaughter Lily is now five, and she also has a grandson, David, who is 4. The kids love when grandma takes them swimming and then for ice cream. Gail further spends her energies making birthdays and holidays a memorable time for her family. “I go all out and try to make the event very special.” Gail and her family also enjoy spending time at their home in Arizona.

Despite all that Gail has accomplished in her life, she tells us “I am shocked that I am the age I am. I cannot believe how fast time goes by.” They say time goes fast when you’re having fun, so we hope that explains why it has sped for Gail.  When asked about her favorite thing about her new role as a BPP volunteer, Gail tells us it is “that [she] has the privilege of helping parents/ grandparents without expecting or wanting anything in return.” It is our privilege, Gail, and that of the families for whom you have a caring moment and a kind word!

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