Creating Your Why Bag

For those of you that attended our Award reception in November 2009, you had an opportunity to watch the DVD that was created for the Parenting Program. This video highlights our program services, the value and impact it has had on our community for the past 30 years. The testimonials shared on this video are a sampling of the many more stories that are out there.

If you’re a group leader, we want you to share yours. We have implemented  a group closing procedure that we hope will help you to not only end your group on a positive and cohesive note, but also to convey to your group members the value, impact and rewards of being a Parenting Program volunteer.

As you volunteer leading your group, begin to create your Why Bag.  Some “whys” might be:

  • because I love babies
  • because I was supported when I had my baby
  • because I am passionate about parenting
  • because I want to make friends for myself and my baby
  • because my kids are grown and I have time to give
  • because I have professional skills I want to share with others
  • because I love to teach
  • because I want to pay back what I was given
  • because I am grateful
  • because it’s fun……

As you can see the reasons are endless.  So gather your “whys” and tuck them away. And as your group comes to a close, the last speaker is done, details are covered and you hold babies for the last time, turn on the DVD, pass out the brochures and share YOUR story with them.

– Elizabeth Clancy

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