The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Juley Novak

I’d like you to meet Juley Novak. Juley has been a volunteer for the Beaumont Parenting Program for an amazing seventeen years. She currently serves the program as a hospital visitor, and Individual Family Support caller, and a group speaker, but over her long tenure as a volunteer, she has served in almost every role available to a BPP volunteer. If that service were not enough, Juley also volunteers for her church. “My parents believed very strongly in volunteering as does my husband,” she states. It’s clear to see that Juley has taken volunteering, and the Beaumont Parenting Program, closely into her heart as well.

Juley Novak

Juley is a retired Clinical Instructor from the University Of Michigan School Of Nursing. She is married to her husband John, with whom she shares two grown sons and seven grandchildren. They reside in Beverly Hills, Michigan, where Juley enjoys reading, gardening, needlework, classical music, and her grandchildren, for whom she is a favorite babysitter. Her favorite books are the novels of Jane Austen, and for children, she recommends Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary L. O’Neill.

I asked Juley, as I have asked all previous subjects of the Beaumont Volunteer Profile, to share something about herself that not a lot of people in the Beaumont Parenting Community know. Juley’s answer was a terrific story. In November 2009, Juley traveled to Austin, Texas to meet her pen-pal for the first time. She says that they had a wonderful time together. The amazing part of the story is that Juley has been corresponding with her friend since 1953, when they became pen-pals as eighth grade students. The picture included with this profile was taken on that trip. It’s that kind of dedication that we also see in Juley’s devotion to the Beaumont Parenting Program.

With her background in nursing, and her experience in parenting, I was particularly interested in Juley’s advice to new parents. She says she tells the families she serves to “relax, trust your own instincts and enjoy your baby.”

When asked about her experiences as a BPP volunteer, she replies, in typically unselfish fashion, that she is amazed “how every one of the staff over the years has been so caring and nurturing of both the volunteers and the families. I think this is a seldom acknowledged strength of the program.” While that is true, we think one of the unacknowledged strengths of the program is Juley Novak and her many years of service. On behalf of the countless families you have served, Juley, thank you for your caring and dedication.

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