The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Noelle Andris

Volunteers come to the Beaumont Parenting Program in many different ways. The volunteer I’d like you to meet today came to us with the help of a little Divine Intervention. Noelle Andris is a Master’s Degree candidate at Oakland University. One day, she was discussing internship opportunities with a staff member in her Counseling program, and she mentioned that her biggest passion in life is her daughter, Faith. The internship coordinator suggested an internship with the BPP. That evening, Noelle went home and received a call from a BPP group leader asking if she was interested in joining a parenting group. As if it was meant to be, Noelle, and her daughter Faith, became part of the Beaumont Parenting Program family.


Noelle and her daughter

Noelle joined that parenting group with her daughter. She also took the internship at the Parenting Program. Noelle then went on to become an Individual Family Support caller, a hospital visitor, and a group leader for the BPP. She also got involved with the BPP’s latest project, helping the dedicated Beaumont nurses by volunteering to rock the babies in Beaumont nurseries at night. When asked about her favorite thing about being a BPP volunteer, Noelle said, “At first I thought it was how nice all of the women that work with the parenting program are. I now realize even more than that it’s all the women that we are able to help. My IFS moms have made me realize that I can be the one person that they trust and that can help and support them.” Through all of her roles at Parenting, Noelle is truly supporting our families.

When not in school or working on her internship, Noelle enjoys horseback riding, traveling, and most of all, spending her time with her infant daughter, Faith, and her boyfriend, Brendan. Noelle feels blessed that Brendan’s family has been so welcoming to her and Faith, and she loves spending time with them, as well as her mom and the rest of her family. Although Noelle has lived in Cancun, Hawaii and California, she has found her home right here with her big, extended families. When talking about the time she spends with them, she puts it all in perspective when she tells us, “it’s not what we do, but all of the love we receive!”


Noelle with her husband and daughter

I asked Noelle to tell me about her experiences as a BPP. She talked about how much confidence she has gained through her involvement with the program. She mentioned that Kim Steggles, one of the BPP group coordinators, is her role model. And she said, in reference to the BPP family, that “it’s very rare that you find one, let alone a whole group, of truly caring people.” Well, Noelle, you’ve found them, and it’s clear to us that you fit right in!

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