Family Traditions

My third grader was recently given an assignment at school to describe a family tradition. I thought that he would want to tell his classmates about Christmas at Gram’s house or Spring break vacation. I was surprised when he announced that his favorite family tradition took place in the summer and not even connected to a holiday.

For the past five years my family and relatives have tried to simulate the popular festival ARTS, BEATS and EATS. Our “festival” takes place up north in Port Austin, MI at the family cottage. There are usually about thirty family members that attend our “ARTS, BEATS and EATS Festival”. Each family is responsible for picking a country and researching its culture including the art, music and signature food. Each family then performs skits and presentations about their country. Over the years the skits have evolved into full out productions complete with costumes. After the presentations we feast on an international buffet with foods representing all of the different countries. My third grader informed his class that his favorite part of this festival is dressing up and dancing to the music from other cultures.

As a mother of three busy boys sometimes this “festival” that my father created five years ago to keep the 14 grandchildren entertained at the family cottage, totally seems draining to me. When I think about spending time at the cottage I want to think about the beech, hikes in the woods and campfires, not researching countries and cultures and creating costumes in the middle of summer.

However, after my third grader completed a fantastic Power Point about ARTS, BEATS and EATS. (Yes, a Power Point in third grade God help us!) I have a new found enthusiasm for this “festival”. This third grade assignment reminded me that you do not need a holiday to create a tradition. Tradition can be about the experiences that we create for our families. So if my son has fond memories of dressing up like a Jamaican in the middle of summer, months from Halloween, then count me in.

—- Jennifer Mcmann-Buszka, BPP Coordinator

3 Responses to “Family Traditions”

  1. 1 Anonymous March 25, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Great family tradition, Jenn. Your family rocks!

  2. 2 Marina Pesserl March 25, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Great idea, Jenn! And what a wonderful way to integrate three generations in a common cause. Love it!

  3. 3 March 28, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Jenn, What a beautiful tradition, it sounds fun and presents a learning experience for everyone involved! I love those types of family traditions! Your family must be loads of fun.

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