Take Time to Enjoy The Present

Earlier this year, I was gently reminded by my 3-year-old that I was always “busy”. Alena had requested that I sit down and help her put a puzzle together. When asked to join her, my first response was, “Not right now, but maybe later.” She immediately responded, “There is never a later! You are always busy!” In her child mind she could see something that even I as the adult did not recognize. I was too busy to stop and see the most important thing right in front of me: My family!

I think that as parents we need to stop, take a breath and look at what is happening in the present instead of worrying about the future schedule. We need to take time to put that puzzle together, color that picture or just watch our children play. Our kids grow so quickly and before we know it they will be adults themselves.

We as parents need to take in these moments and recharge ourselves. Parents need to make time to ensure that we remain physically and emotionally healthy. I recently saw how taking a break in ones busy day can make a positive difference in a parent’s health.

The NICU STEP group met one afternoon for a social. Instead of having an educational topic with a speaker, each parent made a tied fleece blanket for their infants who were in the NICU. These parents who came in that afternoon all walked in with tired faces. Once they sat down and started working on their blankets my volunteer, co-worker and I could see a change.

As they worked on their blankets, stories were shared between the families about their different NICU experiences. One volunteer, Sherry Berry, said that she was amazed at how every one of the families had positive energy regarding their NICU stay and their uncertain futures. When these families left they all had smiles on their faces, blankets in hand and the comfort of knowing they were not alone during their NICU journey. These moms and dads had all stopped and taken those much needed breaths. Every parent was now relaxed, happy and now able to care for their families with a lighter heart.

–Michelle Enerson, NICU Parenting Program Coordinator

2 Responses to “Take Time to Enjoy The Present”

  1. 1 Anonymous June 15, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Yesterday, my plans were to come home from work by 6pm and join my husband for a walk. One thing led to another and I pulled in the driveway at 8pm. As I got out from my car, I noticed my husband sitting on the front porch enjoying the last of the sunset. I went and grabbed the last of the sun along side of him. While sharing a quiet moment together, I thought the exact same thing. I need to take the time to get “unbusy” and enjoy the present!!! Such a great reminder for us all. Thank you, Michelle

  2. 2 Dr. Lori Warner June 15, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Thanks for highlighting this, Michelle! We are often so busy with all the “important stuff” that we miss out on the REALLY important stuff that is going on right now.

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