The Big Recipe Fail‏

Don’t let the title confuse you, I do have a great tried and true recipe at the end. However, let me start at the beginning. Our son  has had severe food allergies since birth. It took us the first 4 months and ruined carpet to figure out the dairy part, a trip to the allergist to figure out the egg part and when we went to retest him, we found out that he is also allergic to soy and beef. Poor kid. We can never wear a man’s Lady Gaga outfit…Anyway, I digress.
When well-meaning friends and family members lamented how sad it was that he will never have ice cream or scrambled eggs or chocolate chip cookies, I found alternatives. Beef was a new one to tackle. So I decided to make pork burgers with fresh green beans and watermelon.
I googled a few recipes and decided to make up my own BBQ pork burgers. I love BBQ pork, so it should taste good in a burger, right? Um, no. It was a big fail. My daughter and son both spit it out and I have to say, so did I. Every good cook has a failure before discovering greatness, right?
As promised a great side using fresh green beans.
Parsley & Garlic Green Beans
1/4 cup of fresh parsley chopped fine
2 tbs of garlic
1 1lb of fresh green beans
1 tbs of olive oil
  1. Warm skillet with olive oil.
  2. Throw in green beans and garlic. Sautee.
  3. Add fresh parsley towards the end. Green beans should be crisp.
  4. Enjoy with your favorite cookout.
–Kim Fletcher, Parenting Program Volunteer

1 Response to “The Big Recipe Fail‏”

  1. 1 Anonymous August 8, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Such an adorable picture, Kim. Cooking is all about trial and error…that is part of the fun. Thanks for sharing a “normal” day in the kitchen. Even Rachael Ray has had some “big recipe fails.” 🙂

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