The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Jennifer Lovy

The definition of busy: a Mom with three children under age seven. The definition of devoted: a Mom with three children under age seven who volunteers at her kids’ school, at an organization helping children with special needs and their families and with the Beaumont Parenting Program (BPP). Allow me to introduce you to devoted BPP volunteer Jennifer Lovy.

 Jen is a group leader and speaker for the BPP. She became acquainted with the program when she was a member of a group as a new parent. Jen enjoyed her experience as a group member with her first child so much, that she led groups with each of her two subsequent children, and she has recently finished leading her 4th group! When asked what brought her to the decision to become a group leader, Jen relayed, “Volunteering with the Parenting Program was a no brainer for me. I loved participating in the group program when my oldest was born and wanted to do it again with my other children. Because the groups were for new parents, I decided to lead a group after my other two children were born so I could participate with them. I loved spending time with new parents and reliving the ups and downs of being a rookie parent and continue to lead groups whenever possible.” Our BPP rookies are lucky to have such a dedicated veteran to guide them.

In addition to the everyday trials common to all parents, Jen also has the challenge of raising a child with autism. Jen says, however, that her son with autism is one of her heroes. She’s so proud of how hard he has worked over the years. I’m sure that her son is proud of his Mom too – for all the hard work she does. In fact, when asked what their favorite thing about their Mom was, Jen’s kids chimed in with “the bestest mom in the whole wide world.” It’s no wonder they feel that way as Jen tells me that last year she and her son read over 100 books together. That pretty much qualifies as “bestest”.

With all that Jen does, it’s not surprising that she told me that “people have often said to me ‘I don’t know how you have time to volunteer, you already have so much on your plate. Why don’t you use your free time to do something for yourself?’ Volunteering with the Parenting Program has been such an amazing experience that I feel like I am doing something for me. I feel good about giving back to a program I got so much out of when I was a new mom and I truly enjoy my time with some amazing families.”

Jen may feel like she’s doing something for herself, but all her families know how much this devoted volunteer has done for them and the Beaumont Parenting Program. Thanks, Jen – you’re the bestest!

–Nicole Capozello, Parenting Program Volunteer

1 Response to “The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Jennifer Lovy”

  1. 1 Anonymous October 6, 2011 at 11:52 am

    You are truly one of our amazing heroes! There are so many qualities that we admire about you that it is difficult to put into one sentence. We could not agree more with those beautiful kids of yours…you are the bestest! Thank you for your sharing your many gifts and incredible dedication with our new parents. 🙂 Deanna

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