Does Your Child Have A Transitional Object?

You may be wondering what the heck is that? Mosby’s Medical Dictionary defines a transitional object as an object used by a child to provide comfort and security while he or she is away from a secure base, such as mother or home. Your child may call their transitional object their lovey, blanky, banky, nonny, or really anything under the sun. One of the most famous transitional objects is the blue blanket that the famous Charles Schultz character Linus is rarely seen without. My daughter Cassie has two transitional objects, they are called “Toagie” and “Blanky To Hug”. To be clear, it’s not just “Blanky”. It’s three words, that run together pronounced like one long word: “Blankytohug”. “Blanky To Hug” has been with her since she was born. It was a gift from my best friend. When she first received it, it was a small, pink, super-soft, square plush blanket with satin all the way around the edges. After lots of love and runs through the washing machine “Blanky To Hug” is a little different now — 6 years later. The other half of the dynamic duo, “Toagie” is a small, stuffed, pink bear that my husband won — at Dave and Buster’s of all places. You just never know what these little ones are going to attach to. She had a room full of beautiful stuffed animals, and the one she can’t live without was won by chance. Cassie was about 18 months old when “Toagie” and “Blanky To Hug” started to be a big part of her life. She slept with them every night. They mostly stayed in her bed. But if she was going to be sleeping anywhere else, they came along. In the last few years (she is now 6) she does not need to take them with her for overnight trips to Grandma and Papa’s, but they are still in her bed every night. Does your child have a transitional object? — Kelly C. Ryan, LMSW, Parenting Program, Postpartum Adjustment Coordinator

2 Responses to “Does Your Child Have A Transitional Object?”

  1. 1 Anonymous April 5, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    Believe it or not my 26 year old son still has his “blankie”. It looks terrible, like a rag, with a bit of satin border. It lives at our house in his old room, but I do notice that when he spends the night it ends up in his bed!

  2. 2 Anonymous April 5, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    My daughter snuggled with “teddy” until about age 5 and my son slept with “Kevin and Evan”
    until the age of 6. The challenge always became…how do I keep them clean. Unlike Linus, my kids did not take their friends out of their rooms, but Teddy, Kevin and Evan certainly were well loved and received a ton of hugs each and every night. 🙂

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