Breastfeeding and Summer Vacations

image credit: Indi and Rani Soemardjan

Breastfeeding and summer vacations – they do go together! Congratulations, breastfeeding is well established and you are ready to plan a few days or longer vacation with your nursing baby. You may consider some of the following advice from other breastfeeding moms:

  1. Consider carrying baby in a sling for discreet nursing and free hands.
  2. If flying, nurse during takeoff and landing to ease air pressure.
  3. Eat well, get proper rest and drink plenty of fluids.  This will help ensure milk supply.
  4. Nurse and change baby’s diaper right before boarding a plane, bus or train or setting out by car.
  5. Allow extra time in your schedule to accommodate unexpected need to nurse, change diapers, or clothes.

Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and TSA for additional information:

Travel Recommendations For The Nursing Mother gives tips on traveling with your baby, traveling apart from your child, how to maintain your milk supply, milk storage and even immunizations for breastfeeding moms.

Important Information on Traveling With Formula, Breast Milk, and Juice from the TSA.

–Mary Anne Kenerson RN, Coordinator, Prenatal & Family Education at Beaumont 

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