Let The Pumpkin Fairy Eat Your Kids’ Candy

Your kids had a blast going door-to-door. They got loads of candy. Loads. A little of the bad stuff for this special occasion is tolerable for one — okay, maybe two — nights.

So, how do you convince your kiddos to hand over their loot? Telling them that too much of it leads to stomach aches, headaches, obesity, diabetes, poor concentration, learning disorders, amongst other things, might only get you blank stares and eye rolls. But it’s a start and a way to educate them on proper nutrition.

Here are three more alluring ways:

 1. Donate It to Someone Who Needs It More

Soliders and underprivileged children are just two groups I found you can support in our Metro Detroit area. Many dentist offices collect it and give kids a non-food prize in return. The Teen Council in our school district is collecting it to give to kids at the Judson Center.

2. Turn It Into a Science Experiment

Or an art project. Melt it. Mix it. Make a bubbling potion. Find all kinds of cool science experiments using real candy and learn about good nutrition along the way.

3. Expect a Visit from the Pumpkin Fairy

We’re enlisting a new tradition in our home this year. My sons set out a giant bowl (or any agreed upon amount) of their Halloween treats in their room. Once they are asleep, the Pumpkin Fairy leaves a new, small toy in exchange for the candy.

What are some of the ways that you curtail the candy consumption after Halloween?

–Sarah Jo Sautter, Blog Editor & Publisher

1 Response to “Let The Pumpkin Fairy Eat Your Kids’ Candy”

  1. 1 Amanda Douglas November 1, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    I love this article Sarah Jo! Thanks for the candy fairy idea – I will definitely be using that one as they get older.

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