Thank You, Dr. King, For An Extra Day With My Children

image credit: DiscoverBlackHeritage

image credit: DiscoverBlackHeritage

I have a confession. I love that our wonderful country honors a great man such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so much that they’ve declared today a national holiday. And I love that my last few employers have felt it appropriate to give me (and the rest of the company) the day off.

Growing up, I learned about this great man in school and maybe heard my parents talk about him a few times. Yet, I still had school on this day, I think mail was still delivered and banks were still open. I admit, I lived in a fairly bland, mostly Caucasian community.

Fast forward to college where I roomed with a German and a Malaysian. My school was a melting pot. MLK day was indeed observed. It was celebrated not only with no classes, but a plethora of activities around campus recognizing Dr. King’s work. It was really the first time I saw the impact.

My children are only 5 and 2, yet they are already aware of some great people of our time. My son’s favorite is Neil Armstrong. He probably hasn’t heard much about Martin Luther King Jr. yet, but I plan to tell him why I get to spend an extra day with him on this long weekend, while his younger brother sits attentively listening too.

I also plan to spend the morning taking our time being artists. Then after a home cooked lunch with the help of my sous chefs, we’ll venture to the Henry Ford Museum where they can explore some history. The Presidential Inauguration will come up over dinner. And if we make it though other projects or the day doesn’t go as planned, I’ll just be happy that I get to spend the day with them talking to them about their dreams.

At what age do you introduce your children to such important historical figures?
How do you plan to spend the day off with your children?

—Sarah Jo Sautter, Parenting Program Blog Editor and Publisher

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