Does My Baby Come With Extra Hours For Me?

IMG_2625After Baby comes, you may wonder how you’re expected to do it all. Few people hire help and others try to maintain pre baby expectations. Here are some tips to get you ahead.


  • Declutter your home months before baby’s arrival.
  • Make a list of items you can’t leave the house without and keep it by the door.
  • Always double or triple recipes to include additional meals for you and/or your spouse.
  • Keep 1 quart freezer bags and a Sharpie on hand to freeze and label food for additional meals.
  • Create a babysitter information sheet and discuss it with the babysitter. It gives you peace of mind that you didn’t forget anything and gives the babysitter a handy reference tool. Don’t forget to include pet information. And if your twins share a room who’s crib is whose.

Accept Help:

  • Keep a list of chores on the fridge and when family or friends stop by and ask if they can help tell them yes and have them pick from the chore list.
  • If you spent time with a niece or nephew prior to baby’s arrival, invite them over and let them help. You’re training a future babysitter as well as maintaining the bond.


  • Breakdown your tasks in to 15 minutes. Do as much as you can in 15 minutes and move on. It’s better to make some progress towards everything on your to do list than get nothing accomplished.
  • Set up baby stations in each room. For example: a baby chair or swing, a few toys, few diapers and changing supplies. You’ll have more freedom to move about the house and baby can accompany you no matter what you’re doing.
  • Put an empty bin in baby’s closet. As baby outgrows clothes simply place in bin after cleaning. Once bin is full send clothes to be donated, sold, or give away.


—Kyle Micciche, Professional Organizer at Life Changes Organizing℠





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