Age-Appropriate Organizing


My younger brothers and sister used to hoist themselves up on the counter to reach the cereal boxes, yet the knives were in a drawer at eye level. There are many things wrong with this picture, but what got to me was the bare feet on the counter. What stands out now is that the kids were scolded for this, by the same people who placed the cereal boxes out of reach.

Your organizing style is going to adjust based on your child’s age, physical abilities, personality, and most of all safety.

Take into consideration your child’s:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Strength
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Color interest
  • Ability to climb or to at least try
  • Stability (are they clumsy?)
  • Independence

snackcabinetAlso consider:

  • If a hazardous cleaner can be opened by a child, it should not be in your home
  • Installing a key lock on one closet or cupboard to store medicine and other small items that could cause harm (don’t forget the pet meds)
  • Sippy cups, snacks and coffee filters (for snacks) stored in the lower cupboards
  • Reviewing organizing strategy ever six months

Forty years ago, kitchens and bathrooms were pretty much organized the same. Today, there are many options. Kitchens can be organized the complete opposite to what they were then. You’ll be changing it up for the next 16 years so find ways to involve your children, when appropriate. Not only will you be enjoying time together, you’re also teaching your child a valuable skill that will last a lifetime.

—Kyle Micciche, Professional Organizer at Life Changes Organizing℠

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