It Takes a Hero to Raise a Hero

The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Barb Evans


The purpose of the “Face of Beaumont Parenting” feature on the Parenting Program blog is to introduce readers to the fabulous volunteers who give their time, effort and talents to the Beaumont Parenting Program. We want readers to get to know the heroes who make the BPP such a special program and such an important part of the lives of new parents at Beaumont. Our volunteers have many things in common that make them heroes – and unique talents all their own. That’s also true of the volunteer I’d like to introduce you to today.

Barb Evans is a married mother of 4, mother-in-law of 1. She and her husband Chuck live in Beverly Hills. Together they have 3 sons: Chip, 25; Tom, 24; and Danny, 19; and one daughter: Emily, 21. Their son Chip is newly married to Megan, evening things up a little for the ladies in the family. Barb serves the BPP as an Algo hearing testing volunteer and as a parenting group leader. She has volunteered for the BPP for over 2 years. Barb also volunteers as a tutor for Oakland County Literacy and is very proud of her work helping a 62 year old woman who is reading at a first grade reading level. In her life before kids, Barb worked as a chemist for DuPont. Barb enjoys traveling, swimming and walking, and LOVES going to Red Wings hockey games.

So, what makes Barb a hero? All of her volunteer work certainly qualifies. Many people, including this writer, would count raising 4 kids (3 of them boys!) as qualification for hero status (and maybe sainthood!). But here’s what brought that word to my mind. I asked Barb, as I do all blog profile subjects, to tell me something about herself that the BPP community probably doesn’t know. Of all of the facets that make up this wonderful volunteer, wife, mom and woman, this is what Barb said. “Our oldest son just returned from Afghanistan after completing his second deployment. We were all together for his reunion on Mother’s Day weekend!”

In addition to all of the aforementioned reasons, Barb is a hero because she’s raised a hero. And of all of the things she could share about herself with the BPP community, she chose her pride in her son! That epitomizes the spirit of the BPP and its volunteers – a willingness to put everything they have into raising others up and helping them to be their best. Barb has exhibited that quality in all she has done for the BPP, and she has obviously modeled that for her children, who are in turn bringing it to the world in their own ways.

If you’re ever at a Beaumont event, I’d like to ask all of our readers to look for Barb, and all of our volunteer heroes, and thank them for their service to our Beaumont families. Thanks, Barb!

-Nicole Capozello, Parenting Program Volunteer

Editor’s Note: We are always looking for more volunteers. Even if you have just a couple hours to spare each month, every bit helps. Find out more here.

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