10 Wishes From A Student Who Uses Augmentative Communication

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Our goal as speech-language pathologists is to consider each individual person as a whole communication partner with unique and individual needs, and to enhance communication in whatever ways necessary to fulfill an individual’s self-worth, educational experience and quality of life through social interactions.

Here are 10 things Prentke Romich Corporation says to consider if you know a child who uses Augmentative Communication.

  1. I wish my friends would joke with me
  2. I wish my teacher would learn how to work my communication aid.
  3. I wish adults would stop shouting at me like I can’t hear.
  4. I wish my therapist wouldn’t have a heart attack when my machine doesn’t work.
  5. I wish people would remember that I don’t always spell very well.
  6. I wish my friends would have more patience with me.
  7. I wish my teacher would call on me for “Share Day.”
  8. I wish everyone would just give me enough time to say what I’m thinking.
  9. I wish people wouldn’t hit my machine when it doesn’t work. That’s my mouth they are hitting!
  10. I wish I could walk and talk like my sister and brother.

If your child has a friend who uses AAC, talk to him about how to treat his friend as he wishes to be treated.

 –Heather Osterhouse, M.A., CF-SLP, Beaumont Pediatric Speech Department

1 Response to “10 Wishes From A Student Who Uses Augmentative Communication”

  1. 1 Anonymous October 17, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Such great information, Heather! Thank you for reminding us to celebrate and embrace the uniqueness of each individual!

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