Share Your Parenting Expertise with New Parents

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Group Speaker Role for the Parenting Program

Every year, approximately 50 Parent Groups begin their six month journey of support and education. The topics presented help new parents to gain confidence and this in turn builds a strong family foundation. We are always seeking qualified individuals that can give just a few hours a month to provide the quality education that our families have come to expect. Please take a minute to consider this opportunity to volunteer.

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What is involved in being a Group Speaker?

One must have knowledge or experience in the topic, for example, pediatrician, physician assistant, nurse or nurse practitioner for Common Childhood Illnesses, Feeding, Sleep or Development. Teachers, Occupational / Speech Therapists, enjoy presenting Play and Reading, Development or Speech and Language. Counselors, Therapists or Social Workers can speak on Adjustments or Our Past and Parenting. Experienced parents can present Child Safety, Travel, Baby Signs, Play and Reading. Focus on Fathers is a “dads only” topic and we welcome experienced dads to share and support new dads.

It is recommended that a new speaker observe an experienced speaker to get the feel of the group dynamic. Speaker outlines are provided, as are topic handouts for parents. The presentation is about forty five minutes to an hour

One of the greatest benefits to being a group speaker is seeing the response of parents and babies. We educate in a very informal way, whether in living rooms or classrooms, typically in a circle, with babies on a blanket on the floor. Parents are relaxed and very open to discussion. The experience is energizing and very rewarding!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer group speaker, please call Group Coordinators Betsy or Nichole at 248-898-3233.

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