The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Sharon Ede

Sharon with her husband, Bill

Sharon with her husband, Bill

The volunteers of the Beaumont Parenting Program come from varied backgrounds and fulfill many roles. Each one brings to their job special talents and experiences that allow them to serve our Beaumont families uniquely but with a common passion and purpose. What every volunteer shares is that what they give to our families comes from their hearts. The volunteer I’d like you to get to know is no different. Sharon Ede has spent her 70 years giving comfort with a generous heart.

Sharon serves the Parenting Program as a Hospital Visitor, after having to give up her role as a Hospital Escort. She’s at ease with young parents, due in part to her many years spent as a pre-school teacher — she even got to teach all three of her granddaughters! Sharon enjoys getting to share in the excitement of first-time parents as they are just beginning their journey on the road of parenting, and advises new parents to “enjoy this time with your little one because time goes by in a heartbeat.” The Parenting Program is grateful to Sharon for all that she shares with Beaumont families because, as she puts it, parenting is “the job we have been [least] trained for and the hardest job we have to do.”

Sharon is a married mother of two grown daughters: Kim, 44, and Shelley, 42. She and her husband, Bill, live in Sterling Heights. In her spare time, Sharon likes to quilt and read. Some of her favorite authors are Tatiana de Rosnay, Jamie Ford, and Kristin Hannah. Sharon also enjoys hosting people in her home, including her Prayer Shawl ministry, with whom she meets once a month to make shawls to give to others who are dealing with loss or hard times. She also has a love for gardening and the outdoors. She and her family have often spent time camping, and Sharon finds peace in the mountains, by the water, and in her trips to Amish country in Indiana.

I love writing the Volunteer Profile for the blog, and some profiles seem to write themselves. But sometimes another voice can paint a picture more beautifully than I’m able to. Such is the case with Sharon’s daughter, Shelley, who has a bit of the poet about her. When asked what she liked best about her Mom, she said, “My mom has the really unique ability to make people around her feel comfortable. Not just comfortable, at home. Whether she’s standing in line at the grocery store, in the lobby at church before service, or has people she doesn’t know coming to her house, she has a gift (and it is more than a “gift of gab” as her family likes to tease her about). She has a genuinely gentle spirit that few people have and I think that’s the part that makes people feel at ease.” Just so. And it’s that comfort that Sharon shares with the new families she visits at the hospital on behalf of the Beaumont Parenting Program.

– Nicole Capozello, Parenting Program Volunteer

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