The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Cam Tazar

Woman standing between two men

Cam Tazar with her son, Nicholas, and husband, Paul.

A regular feature on the Maternal/Fetal Health Unit at Beaumont, Troy is the smiling face of Cam Tazar. Cam is one of the Parenting Program’s outstanding volunteers. The term “regular feature” isn’t an overstatement; she volunteers for the BPP more than some people work in a paying job. That’s just part of Cam’s way of life — dedication to all she puts her efforts into.

Cam has been married to her husband, Paul, for 31 years. Together they have a son, Nicholas, of whom they are very proud. Nicholas tells [his Mom] “that she has been a wonderful role model not only [for] the way he was raised but the way he watches [Cam] live her own life, and that he truly learned how important it is to be giving and caring. He added that [his Mom’s] example has shaped the way he thinks, feels and believes much more than she will ever know.” Cam’s dedication to her family and community has obviously set an excellent example for her son. She also shares the happy news that Nicholas is engaged to Dr. Kari Aretakis, a Beaumont physician, and the BPP shares her joy in the addition to her family.

The story of how Cam came to volunteer for the BPP well illustrates her focus and drive. When Cam retired from her career in federal law enforcement, she decided that she wanted to spend her time volunteering with babies. She’s one of eight children in her family, and spent a lot of time babysitting when she was younger. She wanted to draw from that love and experience in her volunteer life. Cam promptly applied to all of the local hospitals, looking for a position that would allow her to work with children. How fortunate for the BPP that we were the first to snap her up! Cam started with the BPP as an ALGO hearing screener (a position that has her administering the state-mandated hearing testing to newborns in the hospital).  Since then, her work expanded to include volunteer roles in the NICU and in pediatrics, as well as being one of the Parenting Partners on the Mother/Baby unit. Cam’s main focus at present is on her NICU role, and she says, “[she] excitedly looks forward to coming to volunteer each day and cannot wait to give the loving support that those newborns so need!” The entire Maternal/Fetal Health Unit benefits from Cam’s tireless dedication.

Woman with her son and her mom

Outside of Beaumont, Cam helps out at her Mom’s nursing home, where she tries to visit every day.

In her leisure time, she loves to golf — a passion she’s shared with her husband throughout their marriage, and also with her son. In fact Cam says that most of their family vacations centered on golf and golfing destinations. More evidence of her dedication to everything she does. Thank you, Cam, for sharing your drive with the BPP!

– Nicole Capozello, Parenting Program volunteer

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