Beaumont Parenting Program Contest: Runner-Up 1

Photo of a group of kids lying down

Then …

Don’t you wish parenting came with a user’s manual? Most of us have no clue what we’re doing when we first become parents. The very best we can hope for is a good support network. With all of the life changes in this new role, sometimes all you want is a group of friends who understand and relate to you—and that’s exactly what we all got with the Beaumont Parenting Group.

What started out as a group that met on a monthly basis for expert tips has evolved into a spectacular group of friends. These are not just any friends, but rather the type that understand what you are going through. They can offer their own insights and points of view. These are the people who help to make parenting a really rewarding experience, and we are happy to be going strong for six years now.

Photo of kids standing in front of fence

And Now

We’ve seen each other through some traumatic lows such as death, loss, unemployment, and the temporary struggles that parenting can sometimes present. We’ve celebrated the highest highs like the birth of younger siblings, marriage, promotions, and so many wonderful milestones. We are truly a united front that are there to support and lift each other through the various chapters that life presents.

Not only have we become great friends as parents, but we have the unique privilege of watching our children grow up together. They have become friends in their own right and taught each other much about life at an early age.

Whenever one of us has questions about a milestone or how to handle a particular situation, we can lean on each other and are always in a judgment-free zone. There is a distinct comfort that comes from our Parenting Group, and perhaps that’s why we seek each other out and count on each other as great friends.

Men and women sitting around a table

Parents’ Night Out

We can relate to each other and cheer each other on through whatever our children may be going through. We have learned what being a good parent means, and helped to keep each other sane and calm through the various challenges, and above all we have evolved together as a group.

These are some of the dearest friends that we could hope for, both for ourselves and for our children—we are all lucky to be part of a group that has bonded us through parenthood for the rest of our lives!

– Mary Frederick

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