Beaumont Parenting Program Contest: Runner-Up 2

Moms holding babies on their laps

I feel incredibly blessed to have met a wonderful group of mothers and children. I honestly don’t think I would have survived my first couple of years of parenthood without the support and friendship of my Beaumont parenting group. It’s been five years now and we still keep in touch regularly. It’s amazing how a random selection of people has brought me some of my closest friends.

After the first year of regular, scheduled playdates, my group decided to continue having monthly playdates and holiday dinner potluck parties. We created a private Facebook page so we could easily contact each other. As our kids got a bit older many of us also coordinated extracurricular activities together for our children. It was not only an excuse for us moms to see each other, but to also have our kids play together as they’ve known each other practically since birth!

I can count on my parenting group to answer all of my questions (Which car seat do you recommend? How do you get your child to eat his vegetables?). When some of us were having discipline issues with our children, we quickly coordinated a Love and Logic speaker to do a two-day seminar for our group (along with our husbands). We were all in the same boat and it was so nice to have a group of people who understood each other so well. Not only does my Beaumont parenting group help me with my children, they help me as well. We meet often for “moms’ night out” just so we can recharge and take a little break from the routine.

Within a year, the size of our group of children started increasing. To help each other out during the first month of delivering a newborn (and now also having a toddler at home), we started a dinner drop off. I remember being so relieved to not have to worry about dinners after having my second child because my parenting group arranged dinners during the week. We still continue this for each other. We help and support each other not only during times of joy, but also come together during our toughest moments. One of the moms had a child fall in a fire pit a few years ago and we immediately came together to help her out with anything she needed by arranging meals and just being there to support her during the difficult time. (The child is doing great now!) Another mom’s family recently suffered a significant amount of damage to their home during the flood and lost a lot of things. Again, our group came to her support and donated items to help her replace some of the things she had lost.

We all love spending time together with our kids, but last spring we decided to arrange a girls’ weekend in Colorado to visit a fellow mom in our group who recently moved there. Thanks to our incredible families, most of the moms were able to take a much needed vacation. Even though it was our first time all traveling together, I already felt that I had known these ladies for years, as we have all shared so many important milestones in our lives together.

We have seen each other during both our highs and lows. It’s a great feeling to know I will always have a group of friends to count on, no matter what. These ladies are not just my friends, many of them are like my sisters. I am so lucky to be part of this amazing group of women and I can’t thank Beaumont enough for bringing us together.

– Sheena Desai

2 thoughts on “Beaumont Parenting Program Contest: Runner-Up 2

  1. How special and nice!! This is what the groups are all about. Do you know…are there groups for second children, or just first?

    • Diana,
      Groups are specifically for first-time parents. However, if a mom would like to be part of a group with her second baby, she can become a Group Leader and lead with her baby. We love having past participants come back and share their experiences with new parents!

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