Keep Literacy Alive During the Holidays

Boy writing a letter to Santa

Cropped image. Chris_Parfitt, Flickr. CC License.

How many times have you asked someone how they’re doing and the initial response is “busy”?

It’s true that we’re all juggling a number of things between work, family and our personal activities. At the same time, it’s important that we make time in our busy lives to work with our children on their reading and writing growth.

Here’s a simple list of ways how you can continue to support your child’s literacy development during the busy holiday season:

  • Letters to Santa. Google it and you’ll find hundreds of free stationary to print out. Then, find a few moments to help your children write their letters. My girls have fun decorating their letters and I secretly save them year after year for them to enjoy when they are parents themselves!
  • Greeting Cards. We send out Christmas cards and my children help decorate the envelopes and write special messages on some of the cards.
  • Thank You Notes. The kids are off school for a few weeks and this can be made a priority. Not only does it help them practice their reading and writing, but it’s also teaching them to be thankful for the special gifts they receive from loved ones.
  • Thank Your Community. Create special art and cards to members of your community such as your local firefighters, police officers, garbage team, mail carriers and more!

– Maria Dismondy, mother of three, reading specialist, fitness instructor and bestselling children’s author living in Southeast Michigan.

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