It’s Daylight Savings Time!

"Don't forget to set your clocks ahead" written on chalkboard

Retouched image. Will, Flickr. CC License.

While you’re changing clocks this weekend, check these things too.

Twice a year here in Michigan, we experience a time change known as Daylight Savings Time. It’s often suggested to check a few things in your home during this time as a way to make sure it gets done at least twice a year. So, while you’re changing your clocks, here are few other things to check out around the home!

  • Replace batteries in all of your smoke detectors. If the smoke detector itself is over 10 years old, time to get a new one.
  • Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors, too. It’s advised to have at least one detector on all levels of the home, specifically in the area outside each sleeping area. For more information on carbon monoxide click here.
  • With your family, review the location of your home fire extinguisher and how and when to use it. Most importantly, discuss a safe fire escape plan and do a practice home evacuation. Here is more information on how to implement this plan.
  • Check home medicine cabinets for expired medication and first aid supplies. If you carry any medication in a purse or backpack, such as an EpiPen® or Glucagon kit, make sure those haven’t expired as well.
  • Check the contents of your home emergency kit to see if medication or food has expired and if any supplies were used. If you don’t have a prepared kit, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers a checklist.
  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. In the summer you’ll want to use your ceiling fans on low in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Change the time on any medical equipment such as a blood glucose meter.

– Erica Surman, RN, BSN, Pediatric Trauma Program Manager, Beaumont Health System

1 Response to “It’s Daylight Savings Time!”

  1. 1 Anonymous March 5, 2015 at 8:15 am

    Nice reminders! Easy check list to keep handy. Thank you.

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