The Face of Beaumont Parenting: Maleita Walsh

Maleita Walsh with her family

Parenting small children takes a great deal of love, patience and energy. Parenting adult children takes no less love or patience, but it does require less day-to-day energy. As we know from the first law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transformed. So what does a mother do with her excess energy when she goes from parenting small children to parenting adult (and nearly adult) children? Meet the answer in Parenting Program volunteer Maleita Walsh.

Maleita Walsh is a 44-year-old mother of three. She and her husband, Matt, recently moved from Rochester Hills to Oakland Township. They have three children: Mitch (20), Maddie (18), and Lanie (15). Mitch and Maddie are both students at the University of Michigan. Lanie still lives at home, attending high school and being very involved in dance. The Walsh family loves to travel, and have taken trips together to Italy, Costa Rica, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. Maleita also enjoys photography, scrapbooking and reading. Some of her favorite kids’ books are by Kevin Henkes and Patricia Polacco, as well as All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLachlan.

When Maleita’s children were small, she left her career in Marriage and Family Psychology to become a full-time parent. She poured her time and energy into her children and their activities. As a regular feature at their schools and sporting events, she volunteered her time in both arenas. Maleita continued to spend the energy of her passion for parenting and family on her children and their activities as they grew from small ones to tall ones. Maleita’s daughter, Maddie, says that her favorite thing about her mom as a parent is “(her) attentiveness and ability to know exactly what (her children) need at the right time. (She) is really good at knowing when (they) need a hug or some space or someone to talk to, and really good at listening and giving good advice.”

However, as her children’s need for her energy lessened, Maleita searched for a new outlet for her passion. Enter the Beaumont Parenting Program. She heard about the program from a friend, and thought it was the perfect place for her. Since then, she has served as a hospital visitor and hearing screener for almost two years. Her favorite thing about her roles for the BPP is when she can reassure new parents and let them know that it will get easier.

So as Maleita’s children grew, the energy she spent to turn needy infants into inquisitive toddlers into learning children into productive adults transformed into the energy she uses to start new parents on their own energetic journey in the passion of parenting. Thank you, Maleita, for both your energy and passion!

– Nicole Capozello, Parenting Program volunteer

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