You don’t need my permission to be a parent

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Have you noticed the number of articles floating around online that involve parents explaining themselves? Not a day goes by that I don’t see a posting about, “Why I’m happy as a stay-at-home mom,” or “Why I have a big family,” or “Choosing to co-sleep.”

I’m here to say: Enough.

Parents, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for how you choose to raise your family. You also don’t owe anyone an apology for your parenting style.

There, now you’re free!

Judging each other is the easiest part of parenting. So what if the neighbor posts only the rosy bits of her life when you know she fights ferociously with her husband? Who cares if Chelsea’s mom comes to school fully glammed up in the morning? Why does it matter that your college best friend is raising her kids to be vegan?

It doesn’t. None of it.

So I say let’s stop explaining ourselves. And let’s stop acting apologetic. We all have the same goals here: Raising healthy, happy, productive members of society all while maintaining some semblance of sanity.

You know what you’re feeling right now? Sweet freedom. Go! Enjoy it.

– Rebecca Calappi is a Publications Coordinator at Beaumont Health and adoptive parent of multiples.

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