Put your best foot forward

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I’m stubborn. I learned from one of the best — my Dad. He and I are very different in so many ways, but way too similar in every other way. My inherited stubbornness recently nearly led to my downfall. Let me explain.

First, I was in a job that I dreaded going to each day. So much so that I went to the doctor (which is a big deal, more on that later) because I got physically ill nearly every morning. Why? Because I didn’t want to go in to work. It just wasn’t for me, wasn’t the right situation for me, and because of a number of varying factors, my self-esteem was at an all-time low.

I allowed people to get in my head, which made me second- and third-guess myself on everything I did. Seriously, I questioned every word, every comma for nearly a year — which isn’t a good thing for a writer. I had trouble looking for a new job because I didn’t have the self-confidence needed to interview. I became a shell of my former self.

We parted ways finally, and I found myself having to find those bootstraps people always talk about and start pulling. I found them at the gym and went nearly every day for a few hours to clear my head. Everything was going well until I formed (and popped) a blister on the ball of my foot. I tried to “play through the pain” but it was too much, so I went to the doctor to get it looked at.

Everything was going fine until our insurance went away after the job loss. We looked into getting different types of insurance, but by the grace of God and the help of an old friend, I was able to get a great job with a great company … with even better people!

The foot was OK and got better for a bit, then unfortunately it got infected and I had to see a specialist. Treatment was fast and swift, but the foot wasn’t responding to the treatment. That meant going to go see another specialist. Remember, I’m stubborn and hate doctors; but when one mentions “amputation” you drop the stubbornness. After getting a second opinion, I’m working with a new team of doctors who haven’t used the “a”-word and I’m on the mend.

So what do my trials and tribulations have to do with a parenting blog?

Simple. If you find yourself in a situation — be it a horrible work situation or a bum foot — you have to take care of yourself and do what’s best for you, because nine times out of 10 the best thing for you is the best thing for your family.

Take care of yourself and you’ll take care of your family.

– Jim Pesta is a Parenting Program participant and father of two girls.

1 Response to “Put your best foot forward”

  1. 1 Anonymous August 16, 2016 at 10:21 am

    GREAT message! Applicable to everyday life as parent.

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