Beyond the usual blessings

hot air balloon fiesta

During this time of year, the leaves turn to husks and the bitter winds sweep down from the north. In this season, we take stock of our surroundings and focus not on what nature takes away, but what is brought into our lives (and dinner tables). As we look forward to our Thanksgiving turkey with salivation, we should also consider the richness of the other bounty before us.

Of course, we are grateful for the usual things: family, friends, good health, and having our basic needs met. But the world is full of other wondrousness; this crisp, food-fueled time of year is the perfect opportunity to sit back, fold our hands upon our bellies, and contemplate just how blessed we are in other ways.

I offer for your consideration:

  • New Kids on the Block will be touring next summer. With Paula Abdul. It’s just like 1989, but without the jelly bracelets and stress about 9th grade geometry.
  • Euchre parties. I haven’t been to one in a really long time, but they are out there, being fun.
  • Cedar Point. The Demon Drop is gone but it’s still a thrilling way to spend the day.
  • Kittens. Because … kittens.
  • Hot air balloons. If you have not been to Albuquerque for the International Balloon Fiesta, I suggest you get on Expedia and book your plane tickets without further delay.
  • Bubble gum. It’s extremely satisfying to pop bubbles in an obnoxious manner.
  • Young Adult novels. It matters not if you are Team Edward or Team Jacob; stories like these are perfect companions for whiling away winter evenings.
  • The Mannequin Challenge. Even with all of our fancy devices and apps, humans are still very easily entertained.

This is just the tip of the “beyond the usual blessings” iceberg. What else should have made the list?

– Wendy MacKenzie is a mother of four and counts them amongst her blessings every day. Mostly.

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