Did someone say ice cream?

July 1 marked the beginning of National Ice Cream month. In metro Detroit, we’re lucky to have a vast number of places to get ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato and frozen custard. To help you celebrate all month long, here are our staff’s favorite ice cream shops.

  • Birmingham area: The Dairy Mat on Woodward is like a small hometown DQ.  My kids always liked sprinkles! – Lori Polakowski
  • Birmingham area: Who says you need to wait until it’s warm out for ice cream?  Dairy Deluxe is always the first place to open up for the season, usually February 1! The menu is huge and they have options you can’t get anywhere else. I love the “Crazy for Cookies” sundae (vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and three homemade chocolate chip cookies) and my son likes the cherry Pop Tarts flurry. They have a good Sanders bumpy cake sundae, too. – Becky Bibbs
  • Clarkston area: We love going to Cook’s Farm Dairy in Ortonville! My husband grew up next to the farm and their ice cream is the absolute best! It’s also fun to wander around seeing the farm animals, especially the new calves! – Nichole Enerson
  • Grosse Pointe area: Alinosi’s ice cream, originally located in the neighborhood where I grew up in Detroit, and the place to get it is at the Chocolate Bar Café on Mack Avenue. Alinosi’s ice cream is sooo rich and the hot fudge is to die for. The place is decorated with pictures from the old store, which are like a scrapbook of my childhood. As a kid, I loved the clown and circus sundaes (that one had animal crackers marching around the edge), and in my adolescence, it was strawberry ice cream with strawberry sauce.  Now, I love an old-fashioned hot fudge sundae. My mom used to ask my dad to bring her a double scoop cone (in the middle of the winter because in the summer we walked there): pineapple orange on the bottom and chocolate on the top.  She said it had to be in that order so the chocolate dripped down onto the other flavor.  When my youngest didn’t remember the name “Alinosi’s,” she said, “Ali-what-now?” That’s been its name ever since. – Nicole Capozello
  • Marine City area: Our favorite place is The Sweet Tooth of Marine City. It’s an entire candy store featuring a 30 lb. gummy bear, old fashioned candy, bulk candy where you can buy by the pound, hand-dipped chocolate items (like chocolate covered pretzels), chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate chips, etc. They also have Michigan-flavored ice creams such as “Michigan Pothole” and more. We like to get ice cream and then walk the streets downtown or sit by the pier and watch the ferry go by! – Stephanie Babcock
  • Novi area: Guernsey Farms Dairy is a family dairy; the incredible ice cream is made on-site and is incredible. In addition to the scoop shop, you can buy their milk and chocolate products, and there is a full-service family restaurant there. There are so many delicious flavors, but our family favorites are: Crème de Novi (their take on mint chocolate chip), Fudge Whip (French vanilla ice cream with the famous Guernsey milk chocolate fudge topping swirled throughout), and Black Cherry (my husband says it’s the best he has ever had!). Outside, there are a few benches and rocks to sit on, a huge oak tree for shade, and a “famous” big rock which is the go-to for pictures for all the families who love it there! – Kelly Ryan
  • Royal Oak area: My favorite ice cream place to go is Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store. Usually on a Sunday after washing and cleaning my convertible, I enjoy a cruise down Woodward and stopping in at Oberweis for a hot fudge sundae (always vanilla, no nuts, but love the whip cream and cherry on top). I’m always with my husband or son and we hang outside and watch the cars cruising down Woodward and enjoy our ice cream. It’s the best! – Lucy Hill
  • Royal Oak area: You can’t list good ice cream places and not mention Ray’s Ice Cream, a classic ice cream shop that’s been around since 1958! They make their ice cream right on-site, employ local high school kids, and you know they have good eats because there’s always a huge line when it’s a beautiful day. My favorite flavor is the Black Raspberry Chip, but they rotate flavors seasonally, so I look forward to when Peach is back on the menu. If you’re super hungry or willing to share with a friend, try the banana split; it’s enormous! – Becky Bibbs
  • Around the United States: It’s part of a chain, but Culver’s is my favorite place for a frozen treat. Their custard is rich and delicious. I like to get vanilla custard with salted caramel and cookie dough. Bonus: A kid’s meal comes with a free scoop of frozen custard. They have a daily special flavor if you’re feeling adventurous. – Emily Swan

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