The Parenting Program helps countless families daily after the birth of their child. Some have benefited from a simple phone call. Many have connected with other Beaumont parents, forming life-long friendships. Then there are those so touched, they’ve decided to become volunteers themselves. Here’s what we’ve heard.

It’s recommended amongst friends:

“This was such a welcome resource at a challenging time in our lives. I have already recommended to others to take advantage of this tremendous program.”

“The [Parenting] program was recommended to me several times throughout my pregnancy and was one of the reasons for choosing Beaumont for Delivery.”

“I think the Parenting Program is a fantastic idea and I am glad that I delivered at Beaumont and was given this resource. Many of my friends who did not deliver at Beaumont are now envious that they don’t have a program like this.”

“I have recommended the Parenting Program many times!!! I feel much more confident as a mother, with knowledge to back it up. I have made new friends that I know that I could ask anything without being embarrassed and always get help or reassurance. My husband loves our group also!”

“Thank you for this wonderful program! My sister will be having kids soon, and I am looking forward to telling her about it.”

“I have already recommended this program to family and friends who are going to be new parents in the near future. I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to participate in the Parenting Program. Thank you!”

About connecting with other parents:

“My Beaumont parent group changed my life!”

“Just being able to talk with other parents and feel comfortable was wonderful!”

“The Parenting Program through Beaumont was a great experience for my family and me. I felt a little more confident as a parent after each meeting, with all of the excellent information presented. It was nice to know that there are many other parents going through the same joys and difficulties as me being a first-time parent.”

“This program really saved my sanity and I feel as though I have made some life-long friends through it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“…reflecting on how joining the Beaumont Parenting Program was the smartest decision we have made as parents.  Between the knowledge shared and the friendships made, we are so thankful. The program and you really do make a difference! [We’re] Very, very much obliged.”

About support:

“I had severe postpartum depression. Through Beaumont’s resources I was able to overcome it and enjoy being a parent. Your program was a Godsend! If it were not for this program, I do not know if I would have survived PPD and being a new parent. Thank you!”

“The weekly phone calls were a nice safety net. It seemed whenever my volunteer would call, I would have a question. I was happy to have someone check in on us.”

“Extremely helpful. All of my questions were very well answered and my volunteer was very attentive and never rushed our conversations. It was comforting to know that most things are normal from someone who experienced parenting first-hand, raising children of her own.”

“The support was the most valuable.”

“It was nice to know that someone was there for support or questions. My baby was colicky and there were times that I was so frustrated and it was nice to talk to someone about it.”

About reassurance:

“It was nice to have someone who had been in my shoes to reassure me that I was doing the right thing.”

“My volunteer’s weekly calls helped to reassure me what I was feeling were normal. Just having someone outside my family to be totally honest with was huge!”

“This is a wonderful program! It made me more confident as a mom to know that I was not alone in what I was feeling/going through. All too often, I think moms feel like they should know all the answers and be thrilled with every aspect of being a new parent. The reality is far from that and it was helpful to be open and honest about the realities of being a new parent. Thank you for providing such a supportive program to new parents. It helped me more than I can put into words. “

About a safe place to talk about anything:

“My volunteer was very friendly and reassuring. I appreciated how she was non-judgmental and she reinforced that I was doing the right things and that I was asking the right questions. My husband also enjoyed talking to her.”

“She [the Group Leader] provided a healthy environment for moms to share different philosophies and view points, without worrying about whether they would be judged. This can be difficult to do, but my volunteer provided a nurturing environment. Thank you for providing this service and thank you to the many wonderful volunteers who donate their time and energy.”

About children developing together:

“The Beaumont Parenting Program is wonderful! As first time parents, it was great to have a group of parents to discuss our worries, concerns, excitement, and questions with. And it is wonderful for our daughter to have a group of friends to play with. We have friends who had their babies in other states who wish their hospital had similar programs. Having a baby can be isolating at times and this program helps you through the tough times.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know how we’ve helped you. Or if there’s anything different you’d like to see from The Parenting Program.

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