New Year’s Traditions

IMG_5085New Year’s Eve is a great time to introduce traditions with your children. Before I had children, my husband (and longtime boyfriend) and I started the tradition of staying in on this celebratory evening. We decided to cook a multi-course seafood extravaganza paired with spirits and fine champagne.

Once we had children, staying in seemed a natural fit. And so the tradition began. When the babies were babies, we’d put them to rest for the eve and indulge in our courses. But once our firstborn turned 3, we let him partake in the first few courses. We also expanded our menu and made the jump from lobster tails to full lobsters – something we thought he’d get a kick out of helping with. Admittedly we had mixed feelings upon purchase when we witnessed our son’s emotional attachment to the live crustaceans, but we were able to talk him through the process. Still, he loved the taste once it was plated.

IMG_5067It’s a great time to introduce your children to special recipes or favorite, indulgent foods. It’s also the perfect time to talk about favorites of the year past and reflect on how much your little ones have grown and accomplished.

What traditions do you partake with your children on New Year’s Eve or Day?

—Sarah Jo Sautter, Blog Editor and Publisher

Would You Offer 10 Teaspoons of Sugar To Your Child?

“Taylor, what would you like to drink with dinner…milk, water or how about 10 teaspoons of sugar?” Does that sound like a ridiculous thing to offer a child? Yet, that is what is in a 12-ounce can of soda pop! Soda provides empty calories. It provides no nutritional value, just calories, and is contributing to the rise in childhood obesity.

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Healthy Family Special Events for 2011

Healthy Family Special Events 2011 flyer

For parents and kids 6 and older.
Join us for FREE, fun, interactive and educational programs promoting healthy lifestyles for families.

When: Monthly on Tuesdays, 6-7 p.m.
Where: Beaumont Health Center
4949 Coolidge Highway
Royal Oak, MI 48073


Child Fitness Classes and Parent Group Sessions
Children enjoy fun activities, led by an exercise
physiologist, while parents meet in a group setting,
led by a psychologist, to learn skills and tools for
raising healthy children. Children should wear gym
shoes and comfortable clothing.

Dates and Topics for Parent Group Sessions:
Jan. 11 – Setting healthy boundaries and limits
March 1 – Healthy communication skills
May 3 – Strengthening self-esteem in children
July 12 – Stress management techniques for children
Sept 13 – Helping children with food urges
Nov. 1 – Environmental control strategies
Kid’s Cooking Classes
Hands-on kid’s cooking classes led by a registered
dietitian in our demonstration kitchen. One parent or
guardian must accompany children.

Dates and Topics for Kid’s Cooking Classes:
Feb. 1 – Brain boosting breakfast
April 5 – Likeable lunches that kids can pack
June 7 – Delightful dinners for the entire family
Aug. 2 – Super snacks
Oct. 4 – Fun with fall fruits and vegetables
Dec. 6 – Healthy holiday treats

Space is limited, and registration is required.
To register, Call the Beaumont Healthy Kids Program
at 248-655-5900.

Sponsored by the Children’s Miracle Network.

Halloween Treats

One of my favorite childhood memories was laying all the candy out on the living room floor counting my loot while separating the candy I didn’t like and giving it to my dad while munching on my mom’s famous Ghost cookies and sipping Aunt Lori’s Homemade Hot Chocolate.

The author in a hula girl costume circa 1994 Halloween.

The cookies and hot chocolate have been coveted by all of our family members and have found their way into numerous care packages over the years. The time has come to share our family recipes. Continue reading

Healthy Drinks for Kids

image credit: Evan Long

image credit: Evan Long

Choosing the best type of hydration to keep your child healthy is important. For a child’s first year, breastmilk and/or formula are the best choices. Once they are six months old, there may be times, like during an illness, when your child may tolerate a product like Pedialyte. These types of products should only be used for a short time until solid food and more normal beverages can once again be tolerated.

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