If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like to need to feel like you’re doing the right thing – to talk with someone else who’s been there. If you’ve ever thought about helping another parent, you have something in common with our volunteers. Here’s why they volunteer. What will be your reason?

After years of struggling with infertility, I wanted to celebrate the birth of my son by being there at those beginning moments when a child is first born and parents are faced with so many mixed emotions like joy, excitement, fear and anxiety. It is in those early moments that we all need so much support, but can often be overlooked because the nature of our needs come from an experience that is supposed to be so wonderful and happy. The Parenting Program recognizes the fundamental importance of offering that support and because I was blessed enough to receive their services as a new mother, I wanted to also be one of those who would “pay it forward”.  I wanted to play a role in why people were offered good advice, a shoulder to cry on, a great parenting technique and my personal favorite, bringing people together and creating friendships that would last a lifetime (for both parents and babies)!

–Shannon Curcuru 

I have volunteered in many different capacities for many different organizations and the Parenting Program has been the best experience of all. I feel like I am helping new parents, I feel like my knowledge is beneficial to the program, I can adjust my volunteering to my life schedule, and I feel appreciated for the time I give. The people who staff the program and the other volunteers are a group of amazing, dedicated and fun people who make the experience that much more meaningful!


I became a volunteer because the Parenting Program made an enormous impact in where I was in life, helping me adjust and connect with other people like me going through the same situations at basically the same time. To this day these friends are the first people I call when I have a parenting issue because they have more than likely gone through something similar. I volunteer because I want to help others make those connections, have those lasting friendships. My favorite thing about being a volunteer is seeing my groups continue when I leave them, knowing that I helped facilitate for them what Beaumont Parenting gave to me!

–Anne Herrick

Having a baby in the NICU for over 5 months, we were in a situation where we felt very isolated from the rest of the world. None of our friends or family had ever had a preemie, so no one really knew what we were going through. It’s a lonely and scary time. Even with a large family, it was just my wife and I going through the roller coaster life of the NICU. When we were there I was able to go to a few of the STEPS groups where NICU families could talk with a volunteer who had been in our shoes before, and it felt like a huge weight was lifted. We no longer felt alone. After my daughter started getting better and life at home was a bit more stable, I felt like I had to give back and maybe help those families in the NICU from having to feel like they were alone. Becoming a volunteer was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

–Jason Pyciak

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